Award-Winning Taste for Chefs, Easy Win for Your Kitchen

Nate’s Honey Co. is proud to be known for many things. Our bright orange label. Our high standards for purity. Our impact beyond the bottle. But at the top of this un-bee-lievable list is our taste.

We have a history of taste awards that date back to our founding, and we’re excited to share our latest taste recognition – the ChefsBest® Excellence Award.

Established by independent professional chefs, ChefsBest identifies and honors high-quality grocery products in order to support the companies that make them and the people who choose to select them. The ChefsBest Master Taster panel of professional chefs evaluated several raw and unfiltered honey products and, based on this blind evaluation, determined that  Nate’s pure, raw & unfiltered honey exceeds the quality standards required for the ChefsBest Excellence Award.

Nate’s honey continues to stand up to taste tests year after year. How do we craft our exceptional flavor? At Nate’s, we work with beekeepers to source the best tasting, pure honeys for our blends, which include clover, canola, wildflower and tallow honey. The result is a complex, nuanced flavor, the way nature intended.

And just as professional chefs enjoy using our honey in their kitchens, so do our fans and everyday chefs. Whether in easy pairings like tea, smoothies, and breakfast, in trending foods, or in seasonal favorites, Nate’s honey adds a delicious, all-natural sweet flavor to your next bite or sip.

No award announcement would be complete without generous thanks to the many people who got us here. We’re incredibly grateful to our beekeepers for sharing our heart for quality, 100% pure honey. To our operation and quality assurance teams who blend and fill every honey bottle with care. To our fans who love the taste of our honey as much as we do. And to Nate for inspiring us to serve you with honey we’re proud to serve on our own families’ tables.

Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.