A Brief History of Honey

A beekeeper in a protective suit inspects a honeycomb frame near beehives in a sunny field.

At Nate’s, we love to learn about the history of pure honey. The precious all-natural sweetener that we drizzle on top of our favorite dishes has been an important resource for centuries. Here are our top 5 favorite honey facts:  

  1. Honey was used by ancient Egyptians. Honey was used for everything from sweetening food, to preventing infection by being placed on wounds, to paying taxes. Natural, properly preserved honey will not expire. In fact, archeologists found honey thousands of years old in ancient Egyptian tombs, and it was still good enough to eat! 
  2. Honey is the only food source eaten by humans that’s produced by an insect. Cool, right? 
  3. Humans forged for honey 8,000 years ago. Several cave paintings near Valencia, Spain, depict humans gathering honey from a beehive. 
  4. Honey is sweeter than processed sugar. You can use less for the same level of sweetness. If you are looking to swap processed sugar and artificial sweeteners with pure honey, take a look at our helpful conversion chart. 
  5. Not all honey at the grocery store is created equal. Look for honey labeled “raw and unfiltered,” like Nate’s orange-labeled honey. This will ensure you are getting 100% pure honey! 

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