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Fruit bowl next to Nate's honey bottle on an orange background. Apple in hand dipping into honey. Fruit bowl next to Nate's honey bottle on an orange background. Apple in hand dipping into honey.

Relentless Quality. Ridiculously Good Taste. Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.

Bee Icon
Back of the Nate's honey bottle with detail of the purity guarantee seal.

Purity Guarantee

Through comprehensive internal and third-party testing, we ensure only the best honey is bottled.

100% pure honey that would make any honey bee proud.

All Bee, No Bull
 Collage of Nate's honey products with, Crafted for exceptional taste message.

Award-Winning Flavor

Nate’s has a history of being recognized for best taste, including the ChefsBest® Excellence Award.

We put care into crafting a honey blend with award-winning flavor.

Why so Yum?

Pairs Well With
Stuff You Eat.

Nate's honey pouch with apple slices dipped in Nate’s honey on a green background.

Sustainable Packaging

Compared to traditional honey bottles, the production of Nate’s honey pouch uses less plastic, consumes less water and produces less CO2 emissions.

Bonus: It’s easy to squeeze with a no-drip cap.

Orange Goes Green
Three Nate's honey minis on a purple background with pink, lime green and blue streaming to the left of the packets.

Single-Serve Honey

Our premium honey comes in a single-serve, durable packet that is perfectly portioned for a one-time use at home or on-the-go.

Pro tip: Use Nate’s Honey Minis instead of candy for Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Mini But Mighty

Build your honey stash.
New from Nate's.

We're just the middleman between you and the bees.

The man Nature Nate excitedly presenting a bottle of Nate's honey.

Howdy, I'm Nate!

Nate’s started as a hobby, and now it’s a full-time passion.

As Nate signs every bottle, “I thank God for allowing us to serve you and your family.”

Meet Nate
Close-up of bees on honeycomb.

From a Hobby to Nate's Hives

Nate’s honey started with one backyard beehive. Now we are entrusted with thousands of hives that allow us to bring 100% pure honey to your table directly from the source.

Nate's Hives

A Mission-Driven Company That Gives Back.

At Nate's, we want to be impactful with the things entrusted to us from the bees to beyond the bottle.

Honey Gives Hope