8 Summer Cookout Meals

Grilled shrimp and sausage skewers with corn pieces on a plate, a fusion of flavors for BBQ or outdoor cooking.

With fireflies lighting up the trees and daylight stretching into the late hours, summer is here in full force. And you know what that means – it’s time to fire up the grill! With these 8 summer grilling meals, you can get those cookout invitations sent or take advantage of grilling weather for a delicious family meal.

Mix and match these skewers, pizza, and chicken for crowd-pleasing dishes and flavorful leftovers. Whichever you choose, get grilling!


A hand presenting a platter of colorful mixed grill skewers on a marble surface, perfect for gatherings.

When in doubt, build a skewer! With two veggie and two meat options, these four skewer recipes are perfect for sides or main dishes. From fresh summer tomatoes to gumbo-inspired shrimp and sausage, these recipes will have your guests (and you) returning for more.


Slices of grilled watermelon pizza topped with assorted fresh fruits, yogurt, honey drizzle and edible flowers.

 A grilled pizza? Yes, please! These two pizza recipes include fresh summer fruit for a delightfully light and flavorful dish. Nutrient-packed and delicious, you may need to grill up more than a few to keep everyone satisfied.


Grilled chicken breasts seasoned with herbs on a plate, showcasing a golden-brown sear and juicy appearance.

Grilling chicken makes it oh-so-flavorful. And these recipes take it a step further with rich, fresh ingredients. Whether you’re serving chicken as a main dish or slicing it for a salad, these chicken recipes are perfect for a crowd or for versatile leftovers.


A row of assorted homemade sauces in jars with a bottle of Nate's honey, against a white brick wall.

With these natural, 2-ingredient grilling sauces, you can let your creativity flow. Grill up your favorite meats, veggies and anything else you enjoy and add tons of flavor with these various sauces. Plus, these grilling sauces are made from real, natural ingredients so that you can continue to eat unprocessed foods even during your grill-outs.


Vanilla ice cream cones in glass jars next to a bottle of Nate's honey on a wooden table with a grey backdrop.

You can’t forget a yummy, cool dessert at a cookout. Try this homemade classic vanilla ice cream recipe. Either keep it classic or build a sundae bar for the kiddos (or adults!).

From all of us at Nate’s Honey Co., have a grill-filled summer!

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