8 Must-Try Pumpkin Recipes

Pumpkin bars on plates, a Nate’s honey pouch, a mini pumpkin, cutlery and a cup of coffee on a terracotta tiled table.

When it comes to fall flavors, we like to go big or gourd home! This year, we’re savoring all the ways to enjoy our favorite autumnal fruit: pumpkin (yes, pumpkin is a fruit!). While we adore a classic pumpkin pie, there’s something extra special about discovering all the ways to enjoy this orange treat, especially when it’s paired with pure honey. So, go carve out some fun! Top on toast, add to a crockpot soup or put a seasonal spin on your morning latte. Here’s a list of our must-try pumpkin recipes:

Relentless Quality.
Ridiculously Good Taste.
Confidently, the Most Trusted Honey.