5 Essential Recipes for Fall Feasting

Pumpkin spice cake pops with white icing and cinnamon, striped straws as sticks.

We welcome autumn with open arms, our cutest cozy scarves and an eager excitement to share our favorite fall-inspired fare. Between trick-or-treating, apple picking and holiday hosting, these months often feel like one long food festival, and we never say no to a party.

Yes, we definitely have pumpkin-spiced covered, but there are so many more fall flavors to love. Think crisp green apples, honey-spiced snackables and buttery hazelnut crunchiness – is your stomach growling yet?

Pumpkin Spice Cake Balls

Two magical words every home chef loves to hear: “no bake.” These white chocolate covered confections are so easy even your own little pumpkins can help toss them together. They’re sweetened with real honey instead of processed sugar, and we even managed to sneak extra protein and fiber in each ball.

Go ahead, let them eat cake.

A ladle pouring pomegranate seeds and juice into a hollowed-out pumpkin with dry ice creating a fog effect.

Spiced Cranberry Honey Punch

This tasty spiced mocktail with its dramatic presentation and snappy cranberry finish is practically begging to be the central watering hole of your next gathering. Adults and children alike will flock to this fun-to-look-at but even-better-to-sip libation. Like many of our favorite hosting recipes, this one can be mixed together in advance and set in the fridge overnight until your soiree is ready to start!

After all, the most memorable party moments happen around the punch bowl, right?

A nut-topped cake on a wood slice stand, with Nate's Honey and pumpkins, on a dark backdrop.

Hazelnut and Honey Pumpkin Pie

No offense to traditional pumpkin pie, but we won’t go back to the store-bought version after this. Honey-drizzled and toasty hazelnuts perch on top of smooth and creamy pumpkin pie filling bursting with all the best fall flavors.

It’s a turkey-day game changer, and now you know exactly what you’re bringing to Thanksgiving dinner.

Honey spiced cashews in a rustic bowl on a dark table.

Honey Spiced Cashews

Any proper Thanksgiving feast starts with tasty appetizers. Keep it simple with snacks that can be tossed together in advance with minimal effort like these sweet and savory cashews. They’ll hold over the crowd’s hunger until it’s time for the main event.

Double this recipe for bottomless bar snacking.

A glass of iced apple cider with apple slice garnish in a clear glass, set against a rustic backdrop.

Iced Apple Cider

This grown-up, dressed-up apple juice is a tribute to an all-time favorite fall flavor combo – apples and honey. Velvety smooth honey and juicy sweet apples come together for a mouthwatering thirst-quencher fit for any parched party-goer – young or old. Garnish with a few fresh slices for those that can’t resist the crunch of a peak-season Honeycrisp.

Our refreshing twist calls to be served on the rocks but could easily be served warm on an extra chilly day!

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