4 Jaw-Dropping Valentine’s Day Treats

A festive peppermint drink with whipped cream and a striped straw in a white mug, surrounded by candy.

We’re sharing four newly crafted recipes, straight from the Nate’s kitchen. Tailored to the chocolate worshiper and the person who rarely gets to enjoy a decent breakfast, these creations range from heart-warming to decadent, but most importantly, they are all easy. When it comes to treating ourselves and others on holidays, our motto is this: Make It Sweet, and Keep It Real.

Peppermint Valenchinno

For the caffeine lover in your life, jump start their day with more than the typical cup of joe. A dash of peppermint and a swirl of homemade whipped cream place this Valenchinno on your list of “Barista-level Talents”. Sub decaf brew for kids to enjoy or sip as an after-dinner beverage. Don’t forget peppermint sticks for the festive touch!

Heart-shaped waffles with a cream, fresh strawberries and chocolate chips served next to a bottle of Nate's honey.

Heart Waffles with Honey Berry Creme

Valentine’s breakfast should be memorable, not stressful, even if you are the one whipping up breakfast. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can toss together our homemade mix, or make these heart-shaped munchies from frozen waffles (no kitchen mess necessary!) All you need is a cookie cutter and a mixer for the heavenly cream cheese spread (spoiler alert: you’ll likely want to double-dollop).

White chocolate-dipped cake pops with pink sprinkles on a plate with love script.

Surprise-on-the-Inside Cake Pops

Sure, pretty much everyone has heard of cake pops at this point, but have you ever bitten into one only to find another treat waiting for you at the center? Golden honey and your favorite nut butter come together for a protein-packed goody dipped in chocolate of your choice. Hide candy hearts on the inside for a sneaky way to deliver a special love note, and rest easy knowing these pops are made with whole ingredients and zero processed sugar. Yes, you can let them (and you!) eat cake.

Chocolate mousse in a glass, topped with whipped cream, honey drizzle and a raspberry.

Crazy Easy Chocolate Mousse

We wouldn’t lie to you, would we? It’s called “Crazy Easy” for a reason – toss all ingredients into a food processor then chill. Well, technically, the mousse chills in the fridge, but you can also take it easy until this chocolate lover’s dessert is ready to be dipped into. Grab a spoon and good luck holding off until after dinner.

Breakfast in bed does not require five-star chef skills and kids can enjoy sweets without the sugar crash. With Nate’s 100% pure, raw & unfiltered honey in your pantry this Valentine’s Day, it’s real simple to drizzle some extra sweetness, and we’re excited to have some new tricks up our sleeves to help say “I love you” to all the treat lovers in our lives. We couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, but let us know if you do!


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