4 Feel-Good Foods for Sniffle Season

A hand selecting a green spinach and banana muffin from a stacked plate, with spinach leaves and a striped napkin.

Ah, spring, the delightful in-between season. One day, you’re outside basking in the glow of the long-awaited sun only to be cooped up under blankets avoiding a thunderstorm the next. All that warm-cold whiplash can do a number on your immune system, but there are ways you can stay on top of the colds and bugs before they sneak in. Read our fresh wellness recipes that are wholesome year-round but even better for nourishing under-the-weather woes.

Honey drizzled into tea with lemon slice in a patterned mug held by a person with manicured nails.

Fruit Tea Fizzy and Hot Tea Soother

Hydration is key for everyday wellness but even more important when your body is fighting off pesky germs. These fresh fruit tea blends will increase your liquid intake in a more fun way than boring water without downing bottles full of sugar. And since we know the world is divided into teams of hot beverage fans versus cold drink buffs, we’ve got both options covered!

Close-up of chewy granola bars with oats and honey on a white surface.

No-Bake, Super Charged Granola Bars

These seemingly indulgent but delightfully wholesome bars are splendidly sweet enough to compliment your morning coffee or satisfy the mid-afternoon snack craving. They’re practically begging you to pause for a moment to enjoy an all-natural boost and a worthwhile treat-yourself moment.

Roasted veggies with spices on a tray beside Nate's Honey, olive oil, and a checkered napkin.

Sheet Pan Hot and Sweet Chicken Dinner

The best thing about this single pan dinner solution is that it’s truly a cinch to toss together, even when the person responsible for dinner isn’t feeling 100%. (Let’s be honest, the cook doesn’t get a night off that easily.) Full of colorful veggies and protein, it’s a well-rounded weeknight meal the whole gang will devour with minimal dish duty to fight over.

Spinach and banana muffins with a bottle of Nate's honey on a marble background.

Green Smoothie Muffins

We’re not saying these green goodies will have your biceps bulging immediately, but everyone knows greens can do the body good. They’re rich in iron for an all-natural energy boost and high in vitamin C, yet no one will guess they’re eating a nutrient bomb, especially once you add the vital drizzle of golden honey.

There’s no good time for sickness during this busy season, so we’re doing our best to take care before we’re down for the count. With four new ideas in your back pocket and a spoonful of honey here and there, you’re well on your way to swiftly tackling the next case of the sniffles.

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