3 Ways to Use Manuka Honey

A bottle of Nate’s manuka honey with a UMF 7+ rating, alongside cups of tea and lemon slices on a yellow background.

Manuka honey takes the goodness of honey to the next level. It’s not only thicker with an earthier taste than traditional honey, but it’s also widely used as part of a wellness lifestyle.  

How can you start incorporating this rare & unique natural sweetener into your daily routine? Here are three ways to start:  

  1. Incorporate into a Wellness Routine. Manuka honey can be enjoyed as part of your daily wellness routine. Follow your daily vitamin with a spoonful of Nate’s Manuka honey right out of the jar or bottle. Or add to a calming cup of Strawberry Lavender Chamomile Tea or an iced Matcha 
  2. Add to Superfood Smoothies. Blend Nate’s Manuka honey with frozen fruit, leafy greens and maybe some protein powder for a well-balanced breakfast or snack! We love adding a spoonful of Manuka to our popular Vitamin C Smoothie, Green Power Smoothie or Turmeric Ginger Smoothie for an extra boost. 
  3. Include in a Beauty Regimen. Some use Manuka honey topically as part of their skincare or haircare routine, a natural alternative to hair and skin products full of harsh chemicals. Try adding Manuka to a DIY face mask using all-natural ingredients for a youthful glow! 

As you look to add Manuka honey into your day, it’s important to remember not all Manuka honey is the same. Learn more about Nate’s certified UMFTM, New Zealand-sourced Manuka honey: https://www.naturenates.com/manuka-honey/  

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