From the Farm:

10 Ways to Help Your Body Feel Better

Sometimes juggling schedules can be a little exhausting. At Nature Nate’s, we know how this feels. We’re not just a company, we’re moms and dads too. We work our hardest to be on time to work and to soccer practice. And it can be tiring. So we’re here to give you a hand. Whether that means providing you with quality products or little life hacks, we want to help families wherever we can.

We know that working hard to be a great parent, employee, friend, spouse and everything else can take a toll on the body. So we’ve come up with 10 easy tips to keeping your body happy, healthy and ready to take on the day.

Stand Up From Your Desk Every Hour

On the hour, try standing up from your desk. Set a reminder on your phone or calendar. Stretch out your legs, back and arms. Take a walk around the office and let your body move. Remember to take some deep breaths, too.


Wash Your Hands and Your Devices

Keeping your body feeling good means keeping it germ free. Make sure you’re washing your hands as much as possible. Especially if you have little ones who love bringing germs back from the playground! Don’t forget to clean off your phone, tablet or whatever other devices you use frequently as well.


Protein Snacks

We know it’s so tempting to reach for another cup of coffee throughout the morning and afternoon when you’re feeling lethargic. And don’t get us wrong we love coffee. But try occasionally swapping a cup for a protein-rich snack. It will keep your energy sustained and your stomach happy. Try this recipe for Honey Spice Cashews or this recipe for Cookie Dough Energy Bites.

drink water


We’ve all heard about drinking enough water and there’s a reason for it. Our bodies are mostly water and we lose water all day long. So we need to replenish! The recommended amount of water intake depends on age, sex, weight, activity level and climate but usually falls around 2-3 liters per day (wow!). Try purchasing a 32-oz (or 1 liter) water bottle and making sure you refill it often.


Eat Less Processed Foods

With such busy schedules, processed foods are an easy solution. There are so many grab-and-go choices out there it can be enticing. But processed foods don’t contain all the health benefits raw and natural foods provide. Swap out your potato chips for some raw veggies and your processed sugar for raw and unfiltered honey.



Throughout the day when you’re at the office and picking up the kids, your body uses many difficult muscles. Make sure you’re stretching them all and giving them a little love. A great time to do this is in the evening while watching TV. Try using a foam roller while you’re at it!

woman stretching


The Right Shoe

Just like Cinderella, the right shoe could mean everything. If you work on your feet most of the day, make sure you’re getting enough support to keep your body happy. You might try adding an insole to your shoes or swapping your heels for wedges. Check with your doctor or physical therapist to find out what type of support is best for you.


Sunshine, Please!

Vitamin D supports bone growth and the immune system. You can get this vitamin from sun exposure, supplements and in certain foods. Try eating your lunch outside in the sun or taking a walk around the block during your break. Take the kids to the playground instead of staying inside. If you don’t live in a sunny climate, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D in your diet or through additional supplements.


The Essential Z’s

You make sure that your growing kiddos get enough sleep every night. The same applies to you, too! We know that life can get busy and staying up late can help you catch up on things. But sleep is essential for your brain and your body. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it. Your body will thank you.

Get Vitamins Naturally

Nature provides us with incredible health benefits through its bounty. Fruits, veggies, nuts, honey and many more natural foods contain so many vitamins and nutrients. Eating raw foods allows you to absorb these benefits through your diet. Make sure your meals are packed with vitamin-rich foods. Honey is an easy way to throw in some extra vitamins, enzymes and sweetness to your tea, yogurt or oatmeal. Or add it to a green smoothie to enhance the taste. Just make sure it’s raw and unfiltered so you can get the most vitamins and enzymes possible.


Get out there and move! Take some time for yourself and know that we’re cheering for you and your family.