10 Sweet Drinks to Cool the Kids Down – With No Processed Sugar!

Children enjoying drinks and snacks outdoors in sunlight.

It’s official – summer is here and the temperatures are rising. While the kids are home for summer, get creative with hydration options to give them a bit of a treat to beat this heat. Whether you’re poolside or enjoying the cool summer evenings on the porch, these summer drinks will keep you feeling refreshed. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Honey Pi-mango Smoothie 

Without a doubt, this is our favorite smoothie combination with crisp pineapple and mango. While we daydream of relaxing under a beach cabana, maybe the hubs can take the kids to splash around at the pool? Although as tasty as this is, you might have a hard time keeping it all to yourself.

2. Iced Apple Cider

Apple cider isn’t just for the holidays. Try this classic comfort drink on the rocks! It’s a mocktail so even the younger ones can partake, and it is the perfect go-to drink for brunch too.

Two smiling children at a lemonade stand with a suburban background.

3. Fresh Honey Lemonade with Berry-Mint Ice Cubes

The kids want to start a lemonade stand? We applaud their entrepreneurial spirit! Here’s a recipe to help them can kick it up a notch: artisan-quality lemonade made with raw and unfiltered honey (instead of processed sugar) will have the cars lined up around the block for a cup. Be sure to make enough!

4. Berry Berry Honey Ice

We’re always on the hunt for a refreshing fruity drink that is not full of processed sugar, and we hit the jackpot with this Berry Berry Honey Ice recipe. With so few ingredients, it’s easy to make and can be prepared in advance for morning smoothies or after-lunch treats.

5. Frozen Strawberry Mango Lemonade

For the summer of smoothies, here’s a great frozen lemonade drink you can make for the 4th of July BBQ. Or you can whip up a batch in no time for the kids and their friends for a fun sleepover.

 Child holding a banana smoothie with bananas on a wooden table.

6. Bananarama Almond Smoothie

If you’re heading out to the beach this summer or just getting an early start to the day, mix up this Bananarama Almond Smoothie for you and the kids to get the energy you need for the day.

7. Blood Orange Fizz

Another fun mocktail that the kids can enjoy, the Blood Orange Fizz is a refreshing fruit concoction that is perfect to make when grilling up hamburgers and steaks, or heading out to the pool for a birthday party.

8. Bright Day Kumquat Smoothie

Have you ever tried a kumquat? A tiny little citrus fruit, much like an orange, it’s a light, crisp and refreshing. Instead of pouring another glass of orange juice, try mixing up a batch for breakfast.

Family enjoying time together on beach chairs with drinks.

9. Sweet Potato Julius

Adding veggies in your next frozen drink can be a big hit with the kiddos (maybe just don’t tell them). It’s a sweet and a yummy way to add extra nutrients to a frozen and delicious drinkable treat.

10. Strawberry UNmilkshake

Looking for dairy-free? We have you covered. Coconut or almond milk are great alternatives. You can swap in different fruits for a variety of options, but our favorite is the classic strawberry milkshake.

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